What is the sugar skull? Why is the skull style so popular?

Among the many facets in fashion trends and jewelry over the decades, one weirdly fascinating drift that has been consistent over the years is skull jewelry. Bones and skulls have been perceived as the epitome of ‘cool,’ especially if you’ve been obsessed with punk rock. Even though a lot of people consider skull and bones to be a symbol of repulsion and death and sway away from them, this taboo is slowly fading away as more and more fashion companies are including these supposedly gloomy motifs.

How Did Skull Jewelry Become Prominent?

How Did Skull Jewelry Become Prominent?
It dates back to the 15th century, when people wore skulls as ‘memento mori’ (Remember you must die) that reminded them of life and death. Significant figures like Plato and Herodotus also made use of this emblem. Tibetan monks also carried skulls as a reminder of death and to show power. Similarly, pirates on ships also put up grand images of skulls on their flags to symbolize power and authority. Initially visualized as a symbol of death, skulls, then completely changed their meaning when they were found in English graves with wings, representing souls and angels towards heaven.

The idea was then incorporated by Queen Victoria to use skulls and bones as elements of mortality in her memorial jewelry. The music industry took forward the trend with genres like Rock and Goth, making it an important dress code symbol. Bikers and musicians made it a recognition symbol to show rebellion.

These were later included in the fashion industry with jewelry pieces, along with precious stones and diamonds to be used as rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, thriving in the modern jewelry market today. You can now see numerous celebrities sporting this look, including Lindsay Lohan, Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp, making it a signature statement for a few of them. A lot of fashion designers, like Philipp Plein and Alexander McQueen, have incorporated a range of these skull and bone symbols in their line of jewelry design. Being perceived as a symbol of freedom now, it is as evident now as it was decades ago.

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Users have admitted to feeling a sense of respect and confidence. Even though skull jewelry is equally pursued by both genders, it shows reverence for anyone who carries it. 

Common Facets of Skull Jewelry and Print

Apart from bracelets and necklaces made from stones and crystals, these skull elements are increasingly being used in metal bases prepared with sterling silver. To give it an authentic and vintage look, it is usually oxidized. These skull elements are then either embedded in between the stones or crystals as pendants and charms for necklaces and bracelets, respectively. 

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Nowadays, you can also get skulls printed on your t-shirts or lanyards to incorporate the theme. If you live in Singapore, you must have noted the rise in skull print and skull jewelry use over the years. With custom printed t-shirts to personalized apparel, even with lanyards for a special event, the demand is increasing. Using the silkscreen printing method, Lanyard Singapore services provide you with the trending skull print even on your daily use commodities, like identity card or credit card lanyards. Hollywood celebrities were also spotted sporting skull printed scarves and jackets on multiple occasions. It has taken another level of symbolism among all classes and masses.

Why Do People Use Skull Jewelry and Prints?

Apart from the reasons of feeling confident and respectful, there are a number of other reasons why people of various age groups and genders seek skull jewelry and prints.

  • It Shows Bravery

Avidly used by the ‘tough guys’ like the motorcycle gangs and the rebellious cult, skull heads and bones have represented an apt image of toughness and bravery for them. Often viewed as notorious, this representation actually embeds a sense of power. The Elizabethan era in Europe also witnessed a similar prospect wherein wearing skulls and bones meant a seal of acceptance and consent within the society.

  • It Has a Historical Significance

As mentioned above, the symbol of the skull was perceived as death and mortality, or as a celebration of life after death in a parallel world. During the significant rein of the Aztecs and the Egyptians, skulls were used to portray the phenomenon of rebirth and reincarnation. It was either adorned with jewelry pieces or pierced through bodies. This ideation was carried by the Mexicans in their important festival of Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) where they have used the inspiration but altered a few notions to represent the meaning. 

Since rebirth is also considered to be a strong message behind using skull jewelry and prints, a few people pay tribute to their friends and family through these design pieces. 

  • It’s Trending

It’s obvious by now that skulls and bones have become a prominent part of the fashion industry due to their attractiveness and versatility. They’re extremely sought after because of the increasing trend. With the use of materials like gold, silver, platinum and diamond for bands and necklaces, skulls represent an elite class and show status. Another major reason for using these symbols is the rise of conceptual design. Fashion and apparel designers are putting out designs that have some significance and deep meaning behind them. Customers are more prone to buy such jewelry and apparel designs that have an emotional connection attached to them. So what’s better than using the strong symbolism of skulls that have several meanings attached to them? And did we mention how attractive they look by presenting a bold and loud statement?

Jewelry pieces nowadays also pair skull symbols with other strong elements to increase the design value. For instance, crossbones represent danger and eternity, snakes represent immortality or wisdom in the parallel world, and wings represent freedom and spiritual well-being.

With the seemingly considerable craze for skull jewelry and print, the trend is only going to rise in the coming years. Not only will it retain its appeal, but also your investment would be worth it. For some, it is toughness; for others it is emotional allure. Yet, it shares a common connotation among all. What does the symbol of skull mean to you? 

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